Proyecto curado por Sarah Klein

Stop & Go stop-motion animation series and it dramatically plays with our visual senses. Strobing effects, afterimages, anaglyphic experiments, optical elements and three-dimensional spoofs are all part of the show. The Stop & Go show features a broad range of emerging work in the field of stop-motion animation and pushes the boundaries of cinematic possibility by showcasing a diversity of techniques and approaches by both established filmmakers and visual artists who are new to the process.

Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA, US, July 2012 - The Museum of Contemporary Art, -Zagreb, HR, June 2012 - trenutak.39, Zagreb, HR, May 2012 - Pula Film Factory, Pula HR, May 2012 - Fluctuating Images at General Public, Berlin, DE, May 2012 - IS-projects Leiden, NL, May 2012 - Kunst en Complex, Rotterdam, NL, May 2012 - Amsterdam – Grafisch Atelier, Amsterdam, NL, May 2012 - Studio Quercus, Oakland, CA, US Oct 2012