“Moving Still” en SIGGRAPH!!!

Slow Art

As our machines maneuver around the “performance limits” suggested by Moore’s law, we are compelled to imagine what is analogous for humanity. What limits do we have, need, or want when it comes to speed? It is with this question in mind that we asked artists to reconsider the paradigm of speed and instead consider the concept of “slow art.”

In the Slow Art gallery, the interpretations are quite personal. Whether procedural or literal, material or conceptual, the works consider the component of life that is always in short supply: time.


As humans, our paths define our relationship with time. Our daily commutes, our leisure activities, the floor plans of our homes, form the circuits that bring us through a series of successive moments to our destinations. Whether on foot, in autos, or on bikes, where we are, or where we think we need to be, can transform our perception of our bodies and their surroundings.